{Fiction & Fables}

This is a themed monthly event. New round starts every month on the 7th at 7am. It runs through till the 6th of the next month.. round and round :).   Our designers will bring you a new exclusive “during this event” item! They will also bring you either a gacha or an item in a variety of colors!

TP to Fiction and Fables

Click for Carriage Ride to Fiction and Fables!

.Brought to you by Heritage.
Fiction & Fables Designers:
✧  Razzberry
✧ Turducken
✧ Bad Seed Boutique
✧ {Blubb}
✧ Candy cloud
✧ {ugly duckling}
✧ Cosmic Dust Kids
✧* {.:Little Stars.:} *
✧ Tiptoes
✧ That’s So {Kyoot}
✧ ~*Buglets*~
✧ Muriel
✧ {tiny gems}
✧ ToddleTeeZ


June – The Teddy Bear Picnic
F&F Theme June Teddy Bear Picnic


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