{All About Heritage}

{Heritage} Adoption Agency and Child Wonderland
TP to Heritage!Heritage is a child wonderland in Second Life where you can come and play and be safe! We have our adoption agency with tons of adult and child panels. We have God Parent and God Child panels. We have Pet panels, where you can adopt a pet. We have a special room for Teen panels and a wall for Adults seeking family. We also have dating panels for single parents or people involved in the kid community.

We strive to maintain the very best at Heritage from our comfy, warm atmosphere to our fun outside lands to explore!
We specialize in helping children find loving homes and helping established parents find that perfect child for them.
Parents must be established in SL and have a home. They must be over 18 in RL to adopt through our agency.

There is so much more to Heritage than just adoptions!
We have many shops to shop from around the sim.
Snips and Snails main store is here.
We have Fiction & Fables Monthly Event… check the Fiction & Fables page for info!
Heritage Freebie room for kids – filled with TONS of freebies!

There is lots to play and have fun here at Heritage as well!

  • Arcade game room and bowling
  • Lots of boating fun – swan boats, tugboats and bumper boats!
  • Hot Air Balloon ride through the skies
  • Sugarbaby Candy shoppeCome and play at Heritage Today!

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