Fiction & Fables June 7th @ 7am!! Teddy Bear Picnic!


For the June round of Fiction & Fables the theme is Teddy Bear Picnic! I am so pleased to show you the totally adorable things our amazing designers have brought to you!

F&F Theme June Teddy Bear Picnic
NACH Teddy Bear Picnic Music Box{Blubb} Beary Outfits for Fiction & Fables

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11402690_816663911781113_8676482961528453953_o{Babysteps} Bella Hair Fiction and Fables JuneTeddyBearsPicnicAdPicnicTimeAd{Kyoot} Lil Picnic Teddy Bear{Kyoot} - Lil Picnic Dress Gatcha

The Firefly Keepsake 2048c5957da062984f3dc435e41821835f07

_ {._Little Stars._} _ Teddy Bears Gacha {Fiction & Fables }

fiction fable june4

fiction fable june3fiction fable june2fiction fable june1

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