Be Careful and do not feed the trolls!

After several people letting us know this has happened to them and a few even being concerned it was real. I feel it’s necessary to put a notice to you all out to warn you of a few things that some trolls have been doing to people. It’s sad, pathetic and mean. So to help it not happen to anyone else.. all I can do is warn everyone I can about it so if it does happen you will know.

A group of individuals are going around setting up a “child” to be adopted. Once the parents take the child home the child tp’s in a group of people (I use the term people lightly .. trolls more like). They claim to be from Child Services, they claim to work for all the adoption agencies, they claim the parents were abusing the child and now will take the child away.

They will try to get you into skype – DO NOT DO THIS!!

Heritage Adoptions would NEVER, EVER have some fake child services come take your child away.. These people are nothing more than sad little trolls that find enjoyment in hurting others.. Please just mute them, Report them and do not let this ruin your experience of adopting a real child that wants a loving home.

If this happens to you or a similar scenario. Please do several things.

1. Screenshot (gyazo or grabilla) as much of what is going on as you can, with names and as much chat as you can.

2. Ban them and Abuse Report them for the following:

Help (at the top of your screen) >Abuse Report> Harrassment > verbal abuse or other..
In your report be specific as to what happened but short as possible, names etc.

3. Please let us at Heritage know as soon as possible send your screenshots on a notecard and include all names. We will ban them.

Hopefully if we are all pro-active with this they will get bored of this soon.. I hope this helps from happening to anyone else.. WE are really paying attention so trust me we will abuse report to LL any little thing we find to try to help keep Heritage a safe place to adopt!

❤ our best wishes

Heritage Staff

Please pass the word around so we can try to prevent this from happening to others!

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