{Heritage} Summer Scavenger Hunt 2014!!

Heritage Summer Scavenger Hunt

We will be having our 2nd annual Summer Scavenger Hunt @ Heritage!!! 2014!!

These scavenger hunts are always so much fun for everyone and a great way for you as a designer to advertise your business for free!!

If you are renting here already we ask that you please participate in this!! If you are not renting here you may participate if you have a store.

✧ ✧ Details ✧ ✧
✧ Dates ✧
✧ July 1st through September 1st Scavenger Hunt!
✧ June 15th – Applications accepted cutoff date
✧ June 25th – All Advertisements/Pictures of your items due – Please drop in the dropbox

✧ What ✧ You will be given a scavenger hunt item and will have to hide it on the Heritage sim and then give me the location to where you hid it so I can do a hint for it.
Inside the item you will put one free item and you may put a LM to your store! So you will need to have room to be in the Heritage land group.
✧✧✧ Your item must be new! You may not use an old item!

✧ Renters ✧
✧ You will hide your item somewhere inside your rental here at Heritage.
✧ We ask that you also make an item set at under 100L for sale during this event for sale here at your heritage rental.

Go Here and click the sign to get an application! 

✧ Please go here to return the application to participate.  Drop your completed app. in Dolly’s Mailbox on the table!
All applications must be received by June 15th!!!

Questions? Please send a NC to Dolly

We are also looking for Mentors and storytellers!! if you’d like to be involved let us know!

contacts –

Britain Kennedy (Britain Knave)
Dolly Kennedy (Dolly Morrisey)

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