Fiction & Fables June 7th @ 7am!! Teddy Bear Picnic!


For the June round of Fiction & Fables the theme is Teddy Bear Picnic! I am so pleased to show you the totally adorable things our amazing designers have brought to you!

F&F Theme June Teddy Bear Picnic
NACH Teddy Bear Picnic Music Box{Blubb} Beary Outfits for Fiction & Fables

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11402690_816663911781113_8676482961528453953_o{Babysteps} Bella Hair Fiction and Fables JuneTeddyBearsPicnicAdPicnicTimeAd{Kyoot} Lil Picnic Teddy Bear{Kyoot} - Lil Picnic Dress Gatcha

The Firefly Keepsake 2048c5957da062984f3dc435e41821835f07

_ {._Little Stars._} _ Teddy Bears Gacha {Fiction & Fables }

fiction fable june4

fiction fable june3fiction fable june2fiction fable june1

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Fiction & Fables Coming Back to Heritage June 7th, 2015!!

Fiction And Fables Coming soon

Coming June 7th, 2015!!
Fiction & Fables a monthly event sponsored by Heritage! Coming every month on the 7th at 7am! Inspired by children’s fiction and fables storybooks. Featuring 18 fabulous designers!!

~ ♔ ~
✧ Candy Cloud ✧ Bun Bun ✧ Razzberry ✧ Cosmic Dust ✧Ugly Duckling ✧ Blubb ✧
✧ Muriel ✧ Buglets ✧ That’s so Kyoot ✧ Dream ✧ Des Lunes ✧ Tiny Gems 
✧ ToddleTees ✧ Babysteps ✧ Little Star ✧ Nach ✧ Bad Seed ✧ Turducken ✧

F&F Theme June Teddy Bear Picnic

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Fiction & Fables June 2014!!

A new round of Fiction and Fables at Heritage starts today!

The designers have made some totally cute things for you

Our June Theme was on the book “The Toy Boat” by Randall de Sève

Click the picture of the book to see what is new for you this month!

Some of our designers are running a little late! So sorry and check back in the next couple days for update!

Heritage clouds logo

TP to Fiction & Fables!

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Be Careful and do not feed the trolls!

After several people letting us know this has happened to them and a few even being concerned it was real. I feel it’s necessary to put a notice to you all out to warn you of a few things that some trolls have been doing to people. It’s sad, pathetic and mean. So to help it not happen to anyone else.. all I can do is warn everyone I can about it so if it does happen you will know.

A group of individuals are going around setting up a “child” to be adopted. Once the parents take the child home the child tp’s in a group of people (I use the term people lightly .. trolls more like). They claim to be from Child Services, they claim to work for all the adoption agencies, they claim the parents were abusing the child and now will take the child away.

They will try to get you into skype – DO NOT DO THIS!!

Heritage Adoptions would NEVER, EVER have some fake child services come take your child away.. These people are nothing more than sad little trolls that find enjoyment in hurting others.. Please just mute them, Report them and do not let this ruin your experience of adopting a real child that wants a loving home.

If this happens to you or a similar scenario. Please do several things.

1. Screenshot (gyazo or grabilla) as much of what is going on as you can, with names and as much chat as you can.

2. Ban them and Abuse Report them for the following:

Help (at the top of your screen) >Abuse Report> Harrassment > verbal abuse or other..
In your report be specific as to what happened but short as possible, names etc.

3. Please let us at Heritage know as soon as possible send your screenshots on a notecard and include all names. We will ban them.

Hopefully if we are all pro-active with this they will get bored of this soon.. I hope this helps from happening to anyone else.. WE are really paying attention so trust me we will abuse report to LL any little thing we find to try to help keep Heritage a safe place to adopt!

❤ our best wishes

Heritage Staff

Please pass the word around so we can try to prevent this from happening to others!

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{Heritage} Summer Scavenger Hunt 2014!!

Heritage Summer Scavenger Hunt

We will be having our 2nd annual Summer Scavenger Hunt @ Heritage!!! 2014!!

These scavenger hunts are always so much fun for everyone and a great way for you as a designer to advertise your business for free!!

If you are renting here already we ask that you please participate in this!! If you are not renting here you may participate if you have a store.

✧ ✧ Details ✧ ✧
✧ Dates ✧
✧ July 1st through September 1st Scavenger Hunt!
✧ June 15th – Applications accepted cutoff date
✧ June 25th – All Advertisements/Pictures of your items due – Please drop in the dropbox

✧ What ✧ You will be given a scavenger hunt item and will have to hide it on the Heritage sim and then give me the location to where you hid it so I can do a hint for it.
Inside the item you will put one free item and you may put a LM to your store! So you will need to have room to be in the Heritage land group.
✧✧✧ Your item must be new! You may not use an old item!

✧ Renters ✧
✧ You will hide your item somewhere inside your rental here at Heritage.
✧ We ask that you also make an item set at under 100L for sale during this event for sale here at your heritage rental.

Go Here and click the sign to get an application! 

✧ Please go here to return the application to participate.  Drop your completed app. in Dolly’s Mailbox on the table!
All applications must be received by June 15th!!!

Questions? Please send a NC to Dolly

We are also looking for Mentors and storytellers!! if you’d like to be involved let us know!

contacts –

Britain Kennedy (Britain Knave)
Dolly Kennedy (Dolly Morrisey)

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Fiction and Fables {The Very Hungry Caterpillar} May 2014

This month our Fiction and Fables have some adorable things for you!! Click the Fiction and Fables link here for pics!!

Hope you enjoy this!

Fiction and Fables is a monthly event themed around children’s storybooks ❤ Fiction & Fables TP to Fiction & Fables Heritage clouds logo

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Heritage Presents Fiction And Fables !!

Our first round of Fiction and Fables starts 7am of every month on the 7th of every month.
They will have regular new releases here exclusive during this event & or gachas!!!
Featuring 8 permanent Designers:
Baby Pie, Pita Pocket, Snips & Snails, Just Kidding, Marmelade, Little Lamb, Raspberry & Click and the guest designer for April is Turducken!!
Click the picture below for pics of all the cuteness!!
Click here for a TP to Fiction & Fables
Fiction & Fables

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